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Welcome to Mydreamtimes.com – Your Gateway to a World of News and Events!

About Us:

Mydreamtimes.com is proud to be part of the Mydreamtvusa family, committed to delivering news with integrity, depth, and a touch of innovation. As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of information, our dedication to quality reporting remains unwavering.

Our Vision:

Guided by the unwavering vision of Rashmi Bedi, an icon in women’s empowerment and the proud owner of iconic franchises like Miss Bharat, Miss International America, Miss South Asia World, and Mrs. Universe USA, Mydreamtimes.com is more than a news network – it’s a platform that celebrates diversity and meaningful stories.

Meet Our CEO – Rashmi Bedi:

Rashmi Bedi, the powerhouse behind Mydreamtvusa and Mydream Entertainment, is a beacon of inspiration in women’s empowerment. Her dedication to excellence extends beyond franchises to shape the ethos of Mydreamtimes.com.

Janak Bedi – The Architect of Success:

Behind every successful venture is someone with a vision. Janak Bedi, the unsung hero and CEO of Mydreamtvusa, has played a crucial role in expanding our brand across 25 states. His strategic acumen and commitment are the driving forces behind the success of Rashmi Bedi, Mydreamtvusa, and mydreamentertainment.

Embark on an enriching news experience with Mydreamtimes.com, where the blend of accurate reporting and visionary leadership sets us apart.